You can request a quotation for insurance by completing one of our on-line Application/Quotation forms ;

                    1. Bike Insurance                                 
                    2. Car Insurance                                       
                    3. Commercial/Bar Insurance
                    4. Community Insurance   
                    5. Dental Insurance                    
                    6. Horse Insurance
                    7. House Insurance
                    8. Life Insurance
                    9. Pet Insurance
                  10. Travel Insurance
                               CLAIM FORMS :    Buildings & Contents     or     Vehicles             

For any other enquiry, please send us an e-mail with your details and requirements, by sending us a message from our ContactUs form.

Contact : Chris Ross - Mobile: 661-908-980 any time for questions or queries.
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Address : Calle Clara Toledo Gomez, Local A, 38639 Las Chafiras, San Miguel de Abona