Life Insurance -

Probably a lot less than you imagined

Reasons why people should consider having life insurance ;-
     - you have a mortgage and want it paid of should you die.
     - you have people dependant on your earning capacity

Requirements ;-
     - you must be a resident of Spain and therefore have an NIE, or
     - you must be a resident of the United Kingdom

Your policy can cover you for the following eventualities ;-
     - Death of person insured
     - Death by an accident
     - Death by traffic accident
     - Disability
     - Disability by an accident
     - Disability by a traffic accident
     - Critical illness

Other special features of the policy :-
   - the amount of death benefit is doubled in the event that both partners die at the same.
   -10% of the capital will be paid to cover funeral costs, up to 3,000€
   - Life of insured can be covered from 14 until aged 80.
     NB Policy must be started 6 mths before aged 70.
   - No surcharge if premium is paid 6 mthly.
   - Includes repatriation to country of origin.


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