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Sample Prices (€) - Annual Cost
( All prices correct at time of publishing 21/01/2021. Terms & Conditions apply.)
 Buildings           Contents        Contents & Buildings        
1 bed Apartment  
50 Sq meters with 10,000 contents
           85€                83€                  124€
2 bed Apartment
100 Sq meters with 15,000 contents
         106€                83€                  143€
3 bed Apartment
150 Sq meters with 20,000 contents
        118€                 88€                  168€
3 bed town house
200 sq meters with 25,000 contents
        147€                 98€                  215€
Villa / Independent Bungalow
300 sq meters with 30,000 contents
        194€               111€                  277€
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You obviously want to protect what is probably your biggest investment in Tenerife and your personal possessions.

Here at Tenerife Insurance Services S.L. we can offer you the means to do this with a Liberty Seguros home insurance policy.  There is a choice of buildings & contents insurance, buildings only or contents only insurance and all policies come with Public Liability included.

For added peace of mind in the future we also recommend that these policies are paid by Direct Debit ( we just need your 20 digit bank account number) to ensure that even if you are out of the country you know your house and possessions are covered. 

Because your personal circumstances change, we also recommend that your policy is reviewed at least every 3 years.  Have you extended the property, do you have kids,  have the children grown up and left home or have you simply got more things over the years.  Some of the factors to consider.  Give us a call (922-735-672) or send us an e-mail with your requirements.
          REMEMBER  -  We DO NOT CHARGE for the following services ;-

                    1. No policy Setup fee.
                    2. No policy adjustment fee e.g. for correction of details. 
                    3. No policy documentation fee, for original or duplicates.
                    4. No policy renewal fee.
                    5. No policy cancellation fee

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