Liberty Boat Policy   
Advantages on your boat insurance
  • Mandatory civil liability insurance, with a sum insured limit of 336,566.78 €:
  • Death or bodily injuries to third parties: 120,202.42 € with a maximum limit per claim of 240,404.84 €.
  • Material damage and economic loss: 96,161.94 €.
  • Voluntary public liability insurance, which extends and complements the mandatory public liability insurance limits.
  • Damage to the boat itself, covering: the hull, engine, sails, masts, auxiliary craft, special fixtures and equipment, personal belongings and trailer.
  • Claim for damages, caused by third parties to the insured boat or to any of its occupants.
  • Total theft of the boat and/or its auxiliary craft.
  • Wreckage removal.
  • Damage due to pollution risks.
  • Damage due to coastal regattas in Spanish territorial waters.
  • Accidents: loss of life or bodily injuries of occupants while on-board the insured boat, or when boarding and/or disembarking from the insured boat are covered. Cover includes:
  • Death.
  • Permanent disability.
  • Medical and pharmaceutical assistance.
  • Funeral expenses

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