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The office will be closed from 5pm on Friday Dec 23 and will reopen on Monday January 9 2017 at 13:00hrs.

The office will be open Tuesday & Wednesday, Thursday from 13:00hrs and all day Friday 13 Jan 2017.

           Thereafter, normal working hours of Monday - Friday 9am until 17:00 hrs.

For any insurance related matter please e-mail : info@tenerifeinsurance.biz or TXT only to 661-908-980.


For Liberty Grua/Breakdown Assistance Tel.: 900-101-369.           For DKV matters Tel. :922-244-838


For ALL Internet/IPTV matters pls e-mail : support@mariposanet.es or contact us on Facebook @ManualMariposaNet 



Welcome to tenerifeinsurance.biz, the online insurance service from Tenerife Insurance Services S.L. 
At Tenerife  Insurance  Services S.L. we still believe in the virtues of a personal service, so you will find full details of how to contact us with any enquiries on the site. We aim to provide the increasingly rare benefit
of technology with a human face.
                  We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for visiting our web site
Contact : Chris Ross - Mobile: 661-908-980 any time for questions or queries.
Office : Tel. 922-735-672      E-mail: info@tenerifeinsurance.biz
Address : Calle Clara Toledo Gómez, Local A, 38639 Las Chafiras, San Miguel de Abona